Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hello, New Hampshire!

Last week I (and Nancy) moved from Pittsburgh to New Hampshire.  The frenzy of sorting, discarding, and packing up years of accumulated possessions took my mind off the markets for a bit.  Now, while aspiring to a simpler way of life, I feel renewed and excited about this next phase of my life.

As for the stock markets, I wonder how healthy the overall market is when the stock that has dominated the performance of key indexes and many portfolios for the last three years--Apple--is demonstrably not healthy.  Apple has declined 22% from its intraday high of $705, while its market capitalization has declined $110 billion in less than two months.  In addition, the stock is down 18% since my post of October 5th in which I wondered again whether the stock of this now dominant company had topped out.

As I urged in a recent post, now is a good time to do the necessary research (with the latest third-quarter profit updates) to compile a list of stocks to buy, as well as target entry prices.

Steve Lehman

Apple:  $545

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